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The Landscape of the Pecos Valley Ranch

The range of the Pecos Valley Ranch remained like most of the surrounding countryside open range with large fenced pastures, owned by ranchers, who still run cow-calf operations and cowboy every day. This has not changed in the last 150 years.

This outfit encompasses more than eight thousand acres of grassland, canyons, massive rock outcroppings, low-slung mesas. The Carrizo Creek, fed by two all year running ranch owned springs meanders totally through the ranchland. The Pecos River crosses the Ranch at its northern area and has formed the exciting range.

The Pecos River valley is the western border of the Llano Estacado, which is a very dry 1500m high plain. A very specific fauna and flora is found on this arid mesa.

Ruins of early Spanish sheep camps, line cabins, abandoned farmsteads and caves with black marks of ancient fires and an old cemetery are found on the beautiful ranch.

The early history of this area talks of Native Americans roaming and fighting here, conquistadores trying to find gold and other valuables in this part of New Mexico and settlers first from Mexico and later from the USA coming here to stay.

This landscape has a rare beauty and a long and sometimes bloody history, which still lingers! The last century is shaped by early shepherds and ranchers and cowboys.

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A new ranch house was erected in 2012. 4200 sqft of absolute fascinating real Adobe construction, designed in the Spanish Hacienda Style await the guests. A large Living room with a high ceiling with big dark beams and a wooden floor takes you into the time of the rumbling haciendas. Two spacy porches invite to relax. Six very different guest rooms each with its own bathroom are looking for guests, who want to experience the atmosphere of real ranch life.

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